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Please look through my gallery and see if there are anything you find to your liking ^^ Please leave a comment if you let me know how I am doing and what I need to work on. Your feed backs help a lot ^^

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It might be a while before Miku Expo will be back in the states. But I know for a fact that it will be back! I just hope it will be in different locations then LA and NYC when it comes back.

I hope :iconvocaloidbrsfreak97:had fun, but when it returns I'm not missing it!
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Guys I'm going to be fairly honest with you all. I will be really depressed during the weekend. The reason is well Miku Expo in NYC I know I can't afford nor can't attend it because of college, which I have accepted but even if I have accepted that fact it still brings me down that I couldn't attend MIku's convention.

Remember when I said "Not every fan are lucky"? Well it's the truth some fans are lucky to have major events selected in their area and other fans have to work their way to get what they want. I live in a small town that only gets like little to known events. We are getting a music center and maybe Miku will perform there (if they decided to add in some god dang walls....) I think that working your way to get what you want is more rewarding then just being lucky but I'm going off topic.

Back to the topic at hand ya I'm going to be very depressed that I wasn't able to go to Miku Expo over the weekend. Heck what Vocaloid Fan wouldn't be. I feel for the ones across the globe and the ones who won't be able to go this weekend in the states, but I know that Miku Expo will be back, maybe not next year or the year after that but I know Miku Expo will be back in a different cities. it's not like a one time thing, but at least I'm not the only one who is going through this pain. I'm sure Miku wants to see all of her fans but even she understands they can't all make it. Miku is with everyone.

When I posted the meme picture of spider man I was referring to something that will ease my pain. I know I sound bit over dramatic but I if it helps me out then I will fucking do it! T-T

During this weekend is just aim towards everything Touhou and wait till Monday to pick back up on Vocaloid. I just really want to keep my mind off of something that I have no control over...

Miku Expo is going to be more of a challenge. But I want to go to Miku Expo and Summer Of Sonic or any Sonic convention before I die. When your a SonMiku fan then you need to achieve these goals. I'm sure any SonicXMiku fan know what I'm talking about!

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The World Ends With MMD by MoonwolfYouthOtaku
The World Ends With MMD
I just wanted to do something related to The World Ends With You

Sonic model :iconliquidhalo:
LAT Tenor in Miku :iconmmdanimatio357:
TWEWY Pins :iconthegirlnamedsig:
Well all have our favorite RPG games, ones that are brand new and some that still hold up to there reputation till this very day. Well today I'm going to list my top 5 RPGs of all time.

5. Super Mario RPG 

Super Mario RPG was really a great game. Even thou I haven't finished it yet due to me having a Wii U and the GameCube controller adapter not released yet. Super Mario RPG does really claim have a special place in my heart.

4. Shadow Hearts from the New World

For a PS2 game Shadow Hearts is a very interesting game. Despite the fact I'm stuck on the Area 51 boss. This game has a such a wonder to it.

3. Paper Mario and Sticker Star

Good old Paper Mario. Nothing beats The Paper Mario series well expect a new Paper Mario of course. 

2. The World Ends With You
The World Ends With You is just one of those you must play. It's different from any ordinary RPG game well because it's due to being on the DS but that is the point. The story, characters and music really brought the game together.

1. Final Fantasy 13 trilogy 
What can I say I absolutely love the 13 trilogy especially Lightning Returns. 
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Hey everyone sorry I'm not active as much. It's hard to balance out the activities of 2 accounts, college, art, and chatting with friends ^^;

It feels like I'm being crush under Rin's Roader Rolla XD but that's life.

Anyway I wanted to announce some updates along with some important information.

I'm going to start with the updates first.

I been mostly on my other account :iconcloudddpa: for sometime now. I haven't been ignoring this account it's just as I said "Hard to balance the activities," between both accounts. I will be taking a break from doing artwork for my other account after a current art list I'm working on.[

While I am on my break I'll be doing ideas that I've wanted to do for a while. Most are for MMD and one is for a collab that needs to be completed. 

The 2nd update is regarding the process of getting a part time job. My neighbore is friends with the manager of the local Sam's Club in my area, my neighbore told me that she was looking for people to pull cars in from the parking lot. I told my neighbor the job sounds easy enough so she send my resume to the manager. Yesterday me and my neighbore went to Wright State University (a university located in Dayton Ohio) to fill out a application and get it sent it. She told me it was a guaranteed job, so all I need to do is wait for a call back from the Sam's Club manager for a interview.

Now that does mean it will cut into my art making time but I really do need a job.

3rd update is about current projects.

Well right now I'm working on the next chapter for my Touhou manga which is for my other account, but after that I'm going to work begin my own BrodyQuest video.

I won't be doing the whole song but it will take me a while to do it.

Which brings me to little announcement. 

I will do other parodys of songs. They will be split into different categories. While some will be the same.

Here the list of video projects.

BrodyQuest Parody

(Both ABDL and Non ABDL) <- This is what I mean by some will be both.

Danjo Danjo: 
(Use this as a example.)

Kero Destiny:

Convenience store:
(Smash Bros version will be used as a example.)
(Both ABDL and Non ABDL)

(Non ABDL)

Homework Never Ends:

I don't Flash for these so I'll see what I can I can do from ClipStudioPaint, Photoshop, and Sony Vegas.

I want to make a note here and say that I choose who will be in the videos.

Most of these videos will be made in 2015.

A illustration picture will be posted with a link to the video in the description. I would be really weird if I converted a non flash video into a flash without a loading screen or start button.

4th update soon I will to get surgery to fix my jaw.

I have a under bite so the doctors well have to "break" my jaw in order to fix it. I probably won't be eating much while my jaw recovers, I might just be eating soft foods or have my food served through a tubes or something, but I will keep you guys updated on when the surgery is. My orthodontist wants to see if my jaw has stopped growing first.

5th update is regarding some things.

It's been a little hectic week with my GF. I been worried about her but I can only do so much. It's hard not to worry about someone  you love. =(

Last update regards to commissions

I'm going to open for commissions here soon. My plans is to open up for commission at the beginning of December.  

Now I did say I will be taking a break from making ABDL artwork but ABDL artwork will be a option for commissions.  

Now that I said all the updates I have some things for say.

I finally manage to get a custom firmware for my psp. What I am doing with a custom Firm ware, is I installed a English patch for to my Japanese copy of Monster Hunter 3rd Protable. 

Now one other thing is about me, a condition I have, the humidity, and sleep.

You see I have this body condition that causes my body to produce exes mucus. I know it sounds very gross, and I'm not trying to gross anyone out but but please bare with me on this. I been dealing with this problem since I was a little kid. I do take nasal spray for it but sometimes it doesn't really help. Sleep plays a big role in it. I need to get a decent amount of sleep to help out with this problem. If I get only 5 hours the day will be kinda crappy. Weather also plays a very important role. On some days the humidity of weather can really effect not just my day, but my mood, my productivity, and my body, and I don't mean that in a sexual term...

On days the humidity is bad my body feels like I been knocked out, and only half awake it affects my concentration. I would be paying attention to one thing but completely shutting out other things. Along with that it causes my body to ache and hurt especially in my heart. It makes it very hard to get something done when this happens.

For anyone who has me on Skype or AIM that is one of the reasons why I'm not online all the time. 

Along with that, this problem makes it hard to eat. Not going into deep details, but let just say it gives me a hiccuping/choking feeling. Usually force it down with some to drink. Mostly water or pop.

So what I am trying to say is that this "drainage" problem affects my body in many ways...and it's not fun...

Thank you all for reading this and have a nice night =) 
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It might be a while before Miku Expo will be back in the states. But I know for a fact that it will be back! I just hope it will be in different locations then LA and NYC when it comes back.

I hope :iconvocaloidbrsfreak97:had fun, but when it returns I'm not missing it!
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